Thursday, 13 January 2011

Teams planned for 2011

Teams planned for 2011
Mission International is planning 4 mission teams in the summer of 2011.  

  1. Burundi
  2. Ghana
  3. Haiti
  4. Kenya/Tanzania
To find out more information click here, to complete an on-line teams application form click here.  You can also print off a paper copy of the application form, click here.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Still places available on 2010 mission teams:

Reserve a place:
If you would like to reserve a place on a Mission International summer team then please get an application form in to us soon. 
There are places available on three teams during July and August

  1. Kenya - 11th July - 2nd Auigust 2010 - working with the Maasai people in Narok area.
  2. Burundi - Fnal dates to be confirmed (2-3 weeks) - working with orphans in Mission International's Hope Centre in Gatumba.
  3. India - Become part of a church team going to serve in Andhra Pradesh with orphan children and village churches. Dates to be confirmed (2-3 weeks).

Friday, 6 November 2009

Mission International's mission team to the Maasai people in Kenya is gaining ground. A small number of prospective team members have already expressed and interest and have taken the first step of completing and submitting an application form after enquiring about the team. Now others are keen to get on board too.
If you would like to put your name forward then please contact us for more information on or complete an application form by clicking here.

Our intention, as part of the support given to the Maasai people would be to provide Bibles in their local language at a cost of approximately £5 each. If you would like to contribute to this please use the one-off donation or regular giving bank mandate links on the right hand column of this page.
To see more on the Bible-A-Month club please click here.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Mission Teams for 2010

Potential Mission Team Opportunities:
Mission International is committed to sending Mission Teams to various parts of Africa, Asia and South/Central America.

If you would like to apply for a Mission Team for 2010 please use the link on the right hand column of this page.

Teams are deployed for 2 - 4 weeks after receiving training. An experienced team leader will travel with the team. Team costs vary slightly according to destination as well as other factors but a cost of £1300- £1500 is targeted, more details on application.

Potential Teams:

  1. Uganda - Working with local partner churches to share the Gospel and to serve the people with the skills you have.
  2. Rwanda - Working with local partner churches preaching the Good News and serving the church and local ministries.
  3. Burundi - Working with local NGO to serve refugee returnees rebuilding their lives in Burundi after being in exile in DR Congo and Tanzania.
  4. Kenya - Working with local NGO serving the Maasai people.
  5. Tanzania - working with local churches and NGOs serving refugees in camps on the Burundi border.
  6. South Africa - Supporting local churches in their quest to share the Good News and support the poor.
  7. India - Working with local NGO serving those with leprosy and those who are in prison.
  8. Pakistan - Awaiting news of current political situation in Pakistan
  9. Haiti - Working alongside local churches serving the poor in the community.

Skills required:

  • Preaching/Teaching - In particular Gospel preaching and discipleship training
  • Children's Ministry - Stories, songs, dramas for children and some adults.
  • Medical/Dental - Basic facilities in rural areas require experienced practitioners and/or those up for a challenge. Those with supportive medical skills also invited to apply. UK and local permissions apply.
  • Construction - Builders, electrical, plumbing, landscapers, painting and decorating.
  • Musical/Drama/Arts/Crafts - Those with skills they can pass on to others as well as be supportive to the whole team experience.
  • Those with no obvious skills - It may be that you feel you have little to offer in terms of skills, but we are ready to encourage those with a willing heart and those ready to work hard.

Team Activities: Mission Teams are particularly geared up serve the indigenous communities by sharing the Good News about Jesus Christ, serving in practical projects and ministering to adults, children and youth. Team activities vary according to country and host organisation requirements.

Mission International is not a 'mission tourism' organisation but it if often possible to include some interesting activities into our programme of events although these can include a further cost.

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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Team returns after hectic schedule:

The Hope Centre kids make a real song and dance!

A 15 strong team of evangelists, medics and a dentist have recently returned from Burundi where they worked very hard and were able to provide a very useful service to the poor.

Mission International's Hope Centre is home to poor and orphaned children as a result of Burundi's recent war. The children, one living in very poor conditions, have now been provided with many improvements including lovely homes and a regular and balanced diet. When the team came to visit, the kids entertained them with a traditional song and dance.

The team visited the Anglican cathedral and hospital complex in Matana on the way to Rutana. The Burundian Archbishop showed them round the facility which is in need of a wide range of help and support. The operating theatre is pictured below.
By the time the team reached the villages surrounding Rutana there were hundreds of people waiting for medical and dental care. The folks stood in the sun for days as the medics methodically worked their way through as many patients as possible. Not everyone could be seen, it was sad to say goodbye, in particular to those who could not be helped as a result of time constraints as well as the lack of medicines and the need for more radical hospital treatments.
Here patients are treated with a mobile dental team in a rudimentary surgery set up for the occasion.
Although people came to have their physical needs met they also needed spiritual support. The tea also preached to the waiting crowds seeing many respond positively to them.  To find out more on our Medical teams please visit

Beautiful food was provided for the team at every stage of the trip, below is a good example of what was on offer.

One team member was intrigued by the way mothers in Burundi carry their babies and decided to give it a go.

To apply to be part of a Mission International team please click on the ink on the right hand column of this page.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Burundi 2009 Team training:

Team training takes place on the hottest day of the year!
Trainees for the 2009 Burundi team sacrificed much of their day in the searing heat to take part in teams training. The team of 15 in total started early after travelling in from various parts of Scotland and remained late to make sure every detail had been covered before their epic trip to what has become the world's poorest country. A dentist, a doctor and three other medics are part of the team. Members in their teens and those who have retired are mixed together to make this a very versatile and exciting team to be part of.The team picture shows a couple of folks missing.

Mission International's director Hugh Henderson delivers the training.
Team members from Port Seton and other friends were our hosts for the day and laid out beautiful meals for us, everyone expressed their gratitude for their hard work.

Team members receive their instructions, a session of testimonies was also arranged where some team members practised the skills they will need for their time on team.

The hot sunshine experienced during the training day was a real attraction and so at any spare moment team members could be found outside enjoying the sun ans surveying the beautiful view over Port Seton's picturesque harbour.
If you would like to apply to join a Mission International team please click here.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Burundi Summer Team!

Burundi Team Plans:

Mission International is planning a team to Burundi during July 2009. The team, made up of medics a dentist and a number of evangelists and kids workers, will partner with Rema Ministries, an indigenous Burundian NGO, to serve the community there in particular the returning refugees coming back from the Tanzanian refugee camps.

The team will travel throughout the length and breadth of the country to share the Good News as well as provide medical and dental support to returnee communities.

To find out more about Mission International teams keep an eye on this blog for new posts, also you can find information and application forms if you click here.

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